Haven’t you ever thought that a handmade bar of soap can change your lifestyle in many ways? You will:

– save money;

– start a new hobby;

– create unique gifts for your friends and loved ones;

– improve your skin care with natural ingredients;

– take up a side-hustle;

– alter your daily routines in some other engaging and impressive ways.

We are here to help you in your commitment to start something new. The Art Studio ‘ArinKaSoap’ is a full-cycle custom handmade soap manufacturer that can complete your individual orders.

Moreover, we can show you that soap making is truly purposeful, creative, and frugal. You will find out that arts and crafts to do at home for adults or making children’s activities at home more varied is a great motivation to order molds from us.

It’s stunning how many different shapes, styles, and sizes soap making molds can be. Our molds are made of the eco-friendly silicone and you can order them individually depending on your preferences.

Our clients are creative individuals, crafters, soap making companies, small and big businesses, educational institutions, or mothers with young kids. All of them are always happy with the quality of our molds and our customer-friendly and helpful client support.

You can have free consultations and we will help you to pick out the molds which will suit your needs perfectly.

You can order molds for:

  • your company’s big events;
  • soap making workshops and studios;
  • as gifts for various occasions;
  • individual businesses;
  • your hobby soap making at home.

The process of order completion is very easy:

  1. You decide on what kind of mold you need.
  2. Then, you send us a design, picture, or project, with a logo or without it.
  3. Our expert discusses the design and process with you.
  4. Our designer creates the drawings for the project and sends them to you.
  5. You agree about the project or suggest some corrections.
  6. We make a prototype due to the agreed version.
  7. After the mutual approval we make your molds.
  8. You get the product delivered.

All the process takes on average 2-3 weeks (up to 21 working days).

Or we can make customized molds for you in our atelier.

We offer the best quality of materials and the most affordable and reasonable prices on the market. So, you can find exactly what you have been looking for and something more with us.

We are always in touch. Visit our website and make an order now.